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Game Lodges & Safaris in southern Africa

Popular Game Lodge Destinations in South Africa

South Africa boasts some of the best lodges in Africa. The diversity of ecological areas creates a number of unique habitats to visit, from the dry Kalahari desert to the lush estuaries of St Lucia, and the popular bushveld found around the Kruger Park.

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Our range of safaris have been selected from the best Africa has to offer. We only recommend safaris that have stood the test of customer satisfaction, and take pride in the products we offer.

Welcome to Game Lodges
in southern Africa

All the information you will ever need regarding the best wildlife safaris and lodges in southern Africa.

Southern Africa,
rich in wildlife and wonder.

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Southern Africa is renown for its wildlife safaris. With so many diverse ecologies, differing climates and vegetation which in turn creates unique environments for the wildlife.

You the tourist benefit greatly from this amazing diversity as you can enjoy Africa and all it has to offer. Whether it is peace and tranquility or a wild adrenalin adventure - this website will help you find the ideal location for your stay in southern Africa.

Game Lodges are an ideal way to experience Africa and African cultures. Experienced guides bring you up close to the wildlife on Game drives and/or Walks and give us a better understanding of nature as they share their intimate knowledge of the bushveld.

We appreciate the conservation efforts of the past pioneers.Game lodges give us a chance to enjoy nature and realise the importance of conservation and local community involvement and upliftment through eco-tourism.

We hope this website will be the start to an unforgettable trip to a beautiful southern Africa.